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Venezuela Travel Guide

In almost every beauty pageant, the candidate from Venezuela stands out in terms of beauty and grace. This could be the reason why when you think of Venezuela, you quickly associate it with the local beauties that are of international standards. Nonetheless, this country should not be known only for producing beauty queens. Venezuela as a country has numerous excellent scenic attractions that make it a top tourist destination. It boasts of having the highest waterfall, the largest lake, one of the longest river and other phenomenal natural landscapes that can only be seen in this part of the world.

South America is the home of Venezuela. The latter is divided into seven regions namely the Andes, the Caribbean Islands, Central, Guayana, Los Llanos, Northeast and Northwest that are teeming with beaches, mountains, wild life and other picturesque spots. Given the must-see attractions spread among the different parts in this country, it is exciting to note that the tourist seasons happens the whole year round. People continue to flock to Venezuela to enjoy everything this country has to offer to first time visitors as well as to repeat travelers. To maximize your experience, you should schedule your visit during the peak months.

Venezuela has two seasons - the dry and the wet. Starting in late November up to the early days in May, the country experiences a dry season. During this period, the people can take advantage of the warm weather to perform outdoor activities. The dry season is suitable for doing some mountain trekking or hiking, which should catch the attention of those who prefers to commune with nature and those that are after athletic pleasures. You can also take advantage of the warm weather in walking around and checking out the various cities in this country.

The rest of the year would be considered the wet season. Do not be discouraged by the drizzles though as some of the charming attractions in Venezuela are enhanced by the falling rain. The Churun Meru or more popularly called the Angel Falls in the Guiana Highlands becomes more enchanting when viewed during the rainy season. The Angel Falls is considered the highest waterfall in the world and a consistent crowd drawer. During the dry season, you may encounter problems in going to this place as it may be inaccessible and the water flowing may be lesser.

Venezuela is proud of having the Orinoco, deemed the second longest river. If you are looking forward to a relaxing day at the beach, you have a variety of options. The Caribbean Islands, the Central, northeast and Northwest regions are the main sources of well-maintained beaches in this country. The Andes offers snow capped mountains while Amazonian rainforests and jungles are the main draws of Guayana. If you want to spend quality time interacting with nature's beauty and resources then Venezuela should be your final choice. To appreciate the festivities celebrated in this country, you may want to plan your vacation during the Carnaval, Semana Santa or Christmas holidays. However, you should do your booking way ahead of time, as these are peak months.


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