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Saudi Arabia Real Estate

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the entire Arabian Peninsula. It is located in one of the richest regions around the globe, known for their abundant supplies of oil and gas resources. Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, and Iraq surround Saudi Arabia in its northern boundaries. To its south lies the Oman, Yemen, and in its eastern and western areas are coastlines leading to the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, and the Gulf of Oman. With these boundaries, it seems that this country's resources are limitless, and it is one of the most promising countries where an investment, both by locals and foreigners, is an illimitable treasure waiting to be discovered.

There are particularly a lot of reasons why Saudi Arabia is a prized venue for investment. Primary of these reasons is the fact that it yields top ranks in terms of world gauges with regard to economic stability. Saudi Arabia leads the group of the Arab countries when it comes to the size and frequency of exports and imports. It also has the biggest financial market in the entire Arabian Peninsula. Apart from that, it proves to be unbeatable when it comes to having the lowest inflation rates and the highest total local savings in the whole of Middle East. World wide, Saudi Arabia ranks eighth in terms of having the best set of policies for exchange rates, and it is among the world's top quarter in terms of total cash savings.

Saudi Arabia also leads the list of prospective places for investment venue in terms of available resources fit for businesses. For one, the country enjoys the production and abundance of low price facilities and services. Also, if the country's real estate properties will be developed into factories and industrial zones, it will enjoy the benefits of having a young and large workforce. Based on the recent statistics, the population of Saudi Arabia remains young and thus, is a promising batch of workers. The abundance of a young population grants the investors an opportunity to carefully select the labor force for their business ventures. In line with this, the Government of Saudi Arabia also makes it a point to produce a productive work force in the country as they have continued to establish many public and private educational institutions over the years. As such, the country enjoys being among the top five countries around the world to have the easiest work force recruitment. On top of that, the incidence of work strikes remains to be very minimal, if not non-existent over the years. Apart from that, the workers enjoy flexible work hours and a relative good income. This then results not only to a productive set of laborers, but also to a promising market as well.

Buying a real estate property in Saudi Arabia and turning it into a business venture- may it be one that caters to locals or one that targets foreigners- has undoubted benefits. In the local scenario, the local economic market in the country serves more than twenty million people enjoying high incomes. As such, business ventures in the place are enjoying an equally increasing income and purchasing power as well. Aside from that, both local and foreign businesses enjoy the absence of multiple taxation, except, of course, for the profit taxes on foreign companies.

Also, Saudi Arabia is known to have the largest foreign investment balance in the Middle East, as shown in the Arab Investment Guarantee Corporation Reports. Aside from having the largest oil reserve in the whole world (more than a quarter), it also enjoys having the largest and the most promising economy in the Arabian Peninsula with a gross local product amounting to almost four hundred billion dollars every year. These reasons, along with many others prove to be the root behind the fact that real estate property in the country is being used for investment purposes.