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Oman was used to be called as the Hermit of the Middle East. For quite a long time, it has been hiding its dramatic mountains and stunning deserts. Luckily, the Sultanate of Oman started to reveal its true colors to the public especially for tourist and travelers. Now, Oman has been a great destination for those who love to fill their eyes with natural scenic beauty and those who are interested in eco-tourism.

If you are planning to have a nature get-away at Oman, avoid the months of June until September. This is Oman's rainy season and will only spoil your visit as the mountains and views become hazy. The best time to go to Oman is between the months of November till March. The mountain's colors are sharp and vivid making it a very photographic scenery during day time. Wear your trekking outfit to feel comfortable while you explore the rest of Oman.

The desert of Oman is not like any ordinary sand-filled area having a very dull ambiance. This actually is one of the greatest assets of Oman. You can experience riding a camel while witnessing the glorious sunset in the border town of Buraimi. After which, you may relax on the red sands of Oman while sipping authentic Arabic coffee. Unsurprisingly, the desert of Oman has been a home for extraordinary wildlife as well. If you sign up for a camping safari, for sure you will see their national animal called Wild Oryx - a rare specie that you can see only in Oman. Catch sight of the larger animals like sand foxes, caracal lynx and wild sand cats. This would probably be the best desert eco-tourism you'll ever experience.

Oman is abundant in nature's well-sculptured landscapes including their mountains and wadis. Wadi means valley in their local language. Most wadis have a constant flow of water and have been a habitat for wildlife. Taking a trip to this divider between central and northern part of Oman may enable you to catch glimpses of its frequent visitors such as red fox and mountain gazelle. Looking above, you will see tons of Golden Eagles flying around the panoramic mountains. If you still crave for more, you can have a trip to the Jabal Shams or Sun Mountain to catch a captivating view on the top of Oman's highest peak. Keep your eyes open for the rare goat-like specie called Nimble-footed Tahr that only lives at the mountainous part of Oman.

If you think that Oman can only offer wildlife adventure from above, better think again. The Sultanate of Oman has more to offer for divers wanting to explore the underwater wealth of the country. The scene from below is even more dramatic as you get close with nature. Several divers have experienced diving with whales and dolphins. Turtle watching is the spotlight for most underwater explorations because of the four different kinds of turtles are living in the depths of Oman. During the turtle's nesting season, locals and tourists rush to the south-east of Muscat to witness green turtles nesting in group. You have a greater chance to see hatchlings during the months of August and September


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