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Iraq Travel Guide

Most people when asked about Iraq would think of war, chaos, disorderly and violence. But is this a blatant and outright lie? As in everything, there are two sides to the story. In this case, there are two kinds of views on the country of Iraq. One would be that Iraq is the place to avoid when you're planning on travelling, especially to another country, and more so if you're with people who love. But another would be seeing the good side of Iraq through the eyes of the natives here. Many of us will be surprised to learn that Iraq is not just a country of hate and war. Iraq is also a great place to be in, as most of us recognize our home as. It is a huge misconception that on every second of the day, your life is in peril as long as you're on the soil of Iraq.

Some nationalities may have a travel warning against Iraq, and maybe they do have a good reason to warn their people against travelling to this country, like the USA whom up until now has a travel warning to their citizens against Iraq, as their government has started a war against the country. But the humanity in Iraq is not misplaced; in fact, most Iraqi citizens are not at all harmful or violent, which is opposed to the normal misconception. It is a universally known fact (but is often ignored) that in a place of darkness the smallest light shines the most. It is a shame that people choose to ignore the jewel that Iraq truly is (or can be).

Amidst the political drama that the country is going through, the beautiful sceneries are hard to ignore. In fact, when one would ask a person who was able travel to Iraq previously, the answer is quite positive.A normal good comment would be directed towards the helpfulness and warmth of the natives. And to ensure the health of everyone, all visitors are required to be tested for aids with the fee of $50. For starters a good date to go there should best range around the months of May to September to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. Baghdad's average temperature will play around 34c where as Basra's temperature can be around 37c, but of course the unpredictable sun can heat up to more than that. On the winter temperature in Basra can reach 14c and Baghdad 11c, respectively, and one should note that there are occasional snow-falls during this season.

To the surprise of many, there are a lot of hotels and restaurants ready and waiting for the arrival of guests and weary travelers, abundance evident in exotic Baghdad. The romantic Arabian night fantasy place of Baghdad serves as host to the many museums that are proofs to Iraq's rich history. The Mustansiriyah School, also found in Baghdad, was once a famous university built around the 13th century, the same timeframe the Abbasid palace was made. The city of Arbit or sometimes called the Hawler, is the safest city in Iraq. Along with the abundant resources in this city, is the unique and deep historical flavor it can give a traveler. Cultural traditions reign in this city, which lays about 350 kilometers north of Baghdad.

Full of lush vegetation, this city is well known for the vibrant fabrics, fruits and food that are being sold on the street. It is also the central point for education. The city of Mosul is sometimes referred as the Pearl of the North, and is the largest city in Iraq. Although one might mistake the city as more of utilitarian because of the uniform and similar looking buildings, there are many old-fashioned houses near the water's edge.

Christianity is not suppressed in this city. Muslims and Christians interact freely in this place. A tourist attraction is the Chamoun al Safa from the 13th century, the oldest church in the country. There is a deep underground courtyard where tombstones of Moslawi merchants lay. Iraqi is the dream of travelers, archeologists and historians alike, due to its rich preserved cultural nature and sights.


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