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Iran Travel Guide

Iran is a very interesting country with a lot of tourist destination that caters to all kinds of travelers. Iran's places of interest offer massive and wonderful landscapes as well as remnant cities of the former Iran which was then known as the Persian Empire. Indulge in the rich history of Iran and immerse in its culture that these following tourist destination in that country of Iran can offer.

The Tchogha Zanbil is a place where the ancient runs of the Kingdom of Elam's holy city can be found. With three magnificent walls surrounding the place it offers a different feeling of being taken back in time. It's a perfect place for history buffs.

The Persepolis is another place of interest in Iran. It was the capital of the old Achaemenid Empire and was built amid an immense half natural and half artificial terrace, where the Persian King built a majestic and grand Mesopotamian inspired palace. The ruins of this city serve as a monument to Iran's rich history and make it a favorite archaeological and tourist site.

The Medan Emam in Esfahan were built by the great Shah Abbas I in 17th century and the city is surrounded by tall monumental grand buildings linked together by arcades standing two stories high. The Royal Mosque, the Portico of Qaysariyyeh, the Timurid palace and the Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque are all situated in this place. They served as a reminder to the vastness of cultural and social life of Iran throughout its Persian history.

The Takht-e Soleyman is an archaeological site that features interesting site. Located in the north western part of Iran it is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Among the places that can be found hers is the Zoroastrian sanctuary which was rebuilt in 13th century and the Sasanian Temple of the 6th century. These sites give significance to a lot of facets of the history of Iran. The temples are a favorite destination for it conveys Islamic architecture.

The Pasargadee being the first capital of the renowned Achaemenid Empire is another interesting place to visit in Iran. It was founded by the great Cyprus II in 600 BC. The remnants of this city still appeals to all people who have ever set foot in this magical region. The architecture of the remaining structures and the friendly people all encompasses a vast cultural and historical lecture for any travelers who wants to know more about the interesting history of Iran and the empires that have risen and fallen in the past thousand of years.

The Bam region is considered as a place where one can really see the cultural landscape of Iran. Located in the deserted region of the southern part of the high plateau in Iran, it features oasis, magical desert dunes and a medieval town with stylish architecture. It is one of the immensely popular tourist destinations in Iran.

Over all Iran being the Old Persian Empire, is a very interesting country with lots of interesting places that depicts a rich culture, tradition and history. Touring all over Iran will guarantee anyone a truly memorable experience.


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