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Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a sand-filled emirate situated between Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. With an area of about 3,885 sq km, Dubai is considered as the second largest emirate in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The largest is Abu Dhabi. Desert as it is, Dubai only has an average amount of 13cm of rainfall every year. The best time to visit Dubai is between the months of December to March, when the climate is mild and precipitation starts to fall in this period. So better start unpacking those warm sweaters because all you need are your coolest and most comfortable outfit if you are planning to spend a week or two at Dubai.

Whatever season Dubai may cater; tourists can still enjoy exploring the emirate. There are a lot of scenic spots which mostly are situated in Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai. These major cities are divided by a tourist attraction called Dubai Creek. A trip to Dubai can never be complete if you miss riding the Abras (wooden boats) that would allow you to cross the Dubai Creek.

Since the dominant religion in Dubai is Muslim, mosques are rampant in every city. But of course, there are those who stand out. One of the most beautiful mosques in UAE is here in Dubai. The Jumeirah Mosque, located in Jumeirah neighborhood, is a landmark for tourists for it is one of the city's biggest structures. Another mosque that attracts travelers is the Grand Mosque situated near the Ruler's court in Bur Dubai. It is filled with handmade stained glass, mosaics, facades and big domes. Unfortunately, these mosques can only be viewed outside. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque's premises.

Dubai is also popular with its hotel accommodations. It has over 250 hotels which includes the most luxurious and famous establishments. The world's tallest building that looks like a dhow sail is located in Dubai - the Burj Al Arab hotel. This is the mother of all landmarks in Dubai. It is a beauty by day and even more glorious by night. Another elegant five-star hotel in Dubai is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel located near the Dubai International Airport. Both hotels have fine-dining restaurants, spacious and cozy accommodations, as well as facilities that let you experience that lifestyle you've always wanted.

Of course, you can never go home without anything tangible that would remind you of Dubai aside from magnets and hotel trinkets. This place is also one of the most sought after shopping destinations in the whole world. If you are like Midas, then Dubai is the perfect destination for you. Known as the city of gold, you can find the cheapest gold jewelries in gold souks in the city of Deira Dubai. There are at least 700 stores around Dubai that offers authentic gold jewelries like necklaces, earrings, bracelets and headpieces.

In order to step in lands of Dubai, one must secure a Dubai visa that is valid for sixty-days upon arrival which are available and can be approved in airports and entry ports all over Dubai.




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