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Ukraine Travel Guide

For the frequent travellers who seek diversity in places that they go to, Ukraine is the best place to visit. This country is very rich in history and culture, creating a lot of things to offer its visitors. There are many tourist sites that you can never see in any other place in the world. Along with this, Ukraine would welcome you with its distinctive decadent flavors, not to mention the unique aromas that make the country even more inviting. Ukraine is the perfect tourist destination for those who wanted to unwind and for those who seek thrilling adventures as well.

Several decades ago and until now, Ukraine remains as a very religious place. However, it is not just a place for a certain religion. Ukraine is a home for Muslims, Christians, and Buddhist as well. There are so many synagogues, monasteries, churches, cathedrals, and other religious sites in Ukraine that does not serve as a place to profess one's faith but a tourist attraction at the same time. These sites are great reflections of the country's culture and history through the ages.

One of the most well-known religious sites here in Ukraine is the Kev. Being the heart of religion in this country, is referred to by many as the New Jerusalem. This is where many religious buildings were built. However, the artistically created walls and domes were destroyed during the previous wars happened in Ukraine. But the government of the country has made efforts to restore these structures located in Kev. As of now, there are many wooden churches that can be seen in the western part of Ukraine, specifically at the Carpathian Mountains. For those who want to visit more elaborate religious sites, don't forget to take a tour at the city of Lviv.

Aside from these religious architectural sites, a tourist may get acquainted with the history and culture of Ukraine through the monuments scattered all over the country. They will tell stories of the fighting nomads, the history how Christianity was adopted at Ukraine, and more. The most popular place to know more about he culture and history of Ukrain is the Ukrainian Baroque, also known as the Cossak Baroque. It was built between the 17th and 18th century called as the Hetmanate Era. There are also open-air museums that will transport you back in Ukraine's history that occurred a couple of centuries ago. During the festivities here in Ukraine, the history is brought back to life as they celebrate by several parades dressed in old Ukrainian costumes and re-enactments happening in most stage theaters.

Before heading back home, you must not forget to try the local Ukrainian cuisines. The spices vary from light to strong and the aromas are so distinctive. The Ukrainian Varenyky or Perogies is one of the most common foods that the locals eat. These are dough pockets that are filled with cheese, potato and sometimes even cherry or blueberry. For the meat lovers, Ukraine has the fine smoked ham sausage called Kovbasa..