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Latvia Travel Guide

Whatever may be the time of the year, most people enjoy taking well-deserved trips as a way to unwind from their hectic lifestyles. The European countries are among the favorite destination tours among travelers. If you do not know which of the different countries you would like to include in your itinerary, then Latvia is highly recommended. This country may seem small in terms of geographical size but it has a lot to offer as regards local attractions given its medieval castles and other historic spots. To paraphrase a popular saying, Latvia is an example of those good things that appear in small packages.

Officially called the Republic of Latvia, it is one of the three countries comprising the Baltic States. The countries, which surround Latvia, include Estonia (north), Lithuania (south), Russia (east) and the Baltic Sea (west). This delightful, little country combines rich cultural heritage with breath taking sceneries. Riga is the capital city that boasts of a history spanning almost 800 years. Bauska, Cesis, and Daugavpils, among the many other cities in Latvia have their respective appeal to visitors hence they contribute to the booming local tourism industry. Whether you prefer to go indoors or outdoors, you are bound to find something that will catch your complete attention in this country.

Staring from june until the middle of September, these are the best months to go to Latvia. The warm weather during this period is quite suitable for people to travel from one historical place to another. You can also avail of the local food being offered that are supposed to be plenty during this time. Autumn rains begin in october and last until november; hence, if you are planning to stay indoors, then this should not be a problem. The coldest months are said to be in january and february although the winter season is up to march. april and may are the months when the locales prepare for the tourists after experiencing their winter season.

An interested party can travel to Latvia choosing from the three main modes of transportation - land, water and air. While staying in this country, you can opt to rent a car or ride the bus or board the train, with the latter connecting to various cities. In certain instances when you get lost or your vehicle breaks down, you have another alternative left –hitchhiking. Hitchhikers are common to see in this place. However, the problem in this case would be in the area of communication as the major languages spoken in this country are Latvian and Russian. English is mostly heard in the urban areas.

The Latvian Song and Dance Festival is something to watch out for if you are still planning your vacation to Latvia. This festivity happens every five years and you can expect to watch traditional singing and dancing activities. There are other festivals held during the summer season such as the Country Music Festival in Bauska and the Cesis Music & Art Festival, to mention a few. Winter sports are likewise popular in this country and you can have a pleasant time skiing or snowboarding. With its charming cities and attractions, Latvia should definitely be on the list of countries worth visiting in Europe.