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Italy Travel Guide

How can one describe Italy? Pasta and pizza? Rome and Caesar? Romance? These are but a few words that will most likely to pop out of one's mouth when you think of Italy, but this vast country offers a whole lot more than those six words. Italy is filled with culture, color, activities and excitement. Spending one day at one place isn't enough for you will surely want to take in all of what Italy has to offer.

Spring is one of the best seasons to experience Italy as the landscapes explode with beautiful flowers and captivating sceneries. If you want to catch all the amazing festivals then Italy in autumn is the best season. You will get to see various activities such as the grape harvest, chestnut and hazelnut sager, truffles festival and a lot more. Italy during the winter season is a fabulous vacation idea if you want to see the Alps firsthand. Fun activities such as skiing and snowboarding are famous during this season.

For your stay in Italy to be memorable, a comfortable place to rest is a must for your tired and weary body to regenerate for more fun and activities. There are many different accommodations that you can choose from: hotels, hostels, private Bed & Breakfast, apartments, and guesthouses. Hotels are the more popular choice but it's up to you where you plan on taking a breather.

Shopping is one activity most people love to indulge in. In Italy, shopping can be a little hard on the budget as some merchandise can be expensive. Street markets are available for bargains and unique stuff to bring home as souvenirs.

To be able to take in Italy's beauty, walking on the streets and exploring quaint shops and surroundings is a must. If you plan on going to other cities, the Eurostar is the best option for transport. It can be a bit pricey but it guarantees a comfortable trip and the schedules are always on time.

As a lot of people know, Italian cuisine is one of the most delectable gastronomic delights in the world. Restaurants, bistros and cafes are located in every nook and cranny in Italy. Deciding on what to eat depends entirely on what you are currently craving for. There are some restaurants that do not have menus because the cook always prepares what is fresh on the market. The upside? Equal rates for all the food that is served. If you're worried about how to order your food, just ask the waiter and he will gladly tell you what's being served and he will even make a suggestion on what is good. Drinking wine is probably a custom in Italy so do try their exquisite wine and bask in its deep flavors. For coffee lovers, cafes are strewn all over Italy for aromatic flavors and stress-reducing tastes that will ease your stress as you watch people walk by.

 Make sure to pack all your essentials, a camera to capture all the beautiful things around you and you must never forget money. Italy is a beautiful country with a beautiful language filled with beautiful people. What more can you ask for?