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France Travel Guide

The first idea that will most likely generate into one's mind when hearing the word France is the Eiffel Tower. Although this immense structure has captured the hearts of many lovers and unique individuals alike, there are other interesting sights and places to see when you are lucky enough to chance by France.

France is the biggest country located in Western Europe. France boasts of its intoxicating charm which will leave you breathless with excitement and anticipation. Its Parisian streets are filled with various fascinating spectacles which will never render you to boredom. France is probably one of the most accessible countries when it comes to getting from point a to point b. The TGV or Train a Grande Vitesse is the world's fastest train which provides comfortability and availability. It travels all over France which makes it the most dependable transportation for tourists. Of course, walking around France is always a great idea since you will be able to appreciate the sceneries more.

For most people, tasting different cuisines especially from another country is a delight to cherish when visiting other places. France offers diverse foods which will definitely satisfy your taste buds; from fresh croissants to delectable crepes to mouth watering main courses. After a long day of sight seeing and tasting gastronomic delights, your weary feet will want to rest up before soaking in more of what France has to offer. Hotels and accommodations are scattered almost everywhere, from five star hotels to quaint bed & breakfast palaces. Whether you are on a budget or you're willing to spend a lot to enjoy your much needed vacation, France can provide lodging for your stay that will make you feel as if you never left the comforts of your own home.

When your body has gathered up enough energy then you'll definitely want to check out France's nightlife. For people who love to unwind, jazz clubs offer mellow music to soothe the night away. For those who are more adventurous, the Moulin Rouge located at Montmartre will definitely lift up your spirits. Feel like savoring more of France? Then head on over to Seine for a nice nighttime stroll along the river, the lights illuminated on the waters is a definite sight to behold. Planning a romantic evening? Cruise boat/restaurants are available to offer you and loved one a romantic candlelit dinner with wine while gliding along the rivers smoothly.

What's one of the most sought after activities in France? What else, shopping! The ever famous Champ Elysses provides the shoppers with all of the famous European brands that dazzle the fashion world at a slightly cheaper price. Street markets also offer different products like ceramics, jewelries and amazing fabrics. Shopping in France won't be complete if you don't purchase wine; most shops provide customers with sample wines for you to taste for you to be able to decide better.

Before you head on to France make sure to pack essentials such as scarves, wind breaker, comfortable shoes, a camera, a blanket for picnics, sunglasses, money and personal effects. Enjoy France and make sure to bring home souvenirs to remind you of the wonderful experience you had in a place which mixes the old and the new to entertain and delight all people.