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Bulgaria Travel Guide

If you have been different countries but still can't find that diverse kind of travelling, then Bulgaria is the right place for you. Bulgaria is a republic located in the south-eastern part of Europe. To specifically locate Bulgaria, it is situated at the eastern side of the peninsula of Balkan. The republic's neighboring countries include Serbia, Macedonia on the west and Romania on the north while the countries of Turkey and Greece are located on the south. Bulgaria is also near to the infamous Black Sea which is located on the east of the republic. All in all, the Bulgarian border-line has a total length of 2,245 kilometers.

Bulgaria is one hospitable country that has a very interesting culture and history. Moreover, because of the country's stunning landscapes, Bulgaria is now considered as one of the most visited countries all over Europe. To support this fact, recent surveys conducted in Bulgaria estimated that there were at least six million tourists from different places visited Bulgaria in the year 2006. Additionally, according the people who conducted the same survey, from January 2007 up to now, there are at least five million tourists visiting Bulgaria and counting. This is actually because of the several tourist attractions and activities that can be done in Bulgaria which serves as a magnet that draws travellers to visit the country.

There's a lot that Bulgaria could offer no matter what the season is. Many tourists and locals are rushing to the different resorts scattered in Bulgaria. The sunny weather is perfect for that sunbathing. The warm and calm water allows the whole family to have fun without the fear of chilling or getting colds afterwards. Most of these resorts lie along the lengthy coasts of the popular Black Sea. Because of the thriving tourism during summer, there are now tons of hotels, from the cheapest to the most luxurious, that renders quality service to those who would sign up for their accommodation. Famous resorts in Bulgaria include Albena, Djuni, Bourgas, Elenite, Sozopol, Ahtopol, and many more.

During winter, the green mountains of Bulgaria turn into a temporary playground for snowboarders, skiers, and alike. In this season, Bulgaria is the first choice for winter sports activities and competitions. Usually, the investors of the summer hotels are the same people who own ski resorts in Bulgaria as well. Not only thrill-seekers may enjoy the resort. The facilities were made to suit the needs of the family members or companions who just wanted to unwind, chill, and get captivated with the white blanket that covers the mountains of Bulgaria during this season. Entertainment rooms were made and spas too. In these resorts, you can simply sip a hot chocolate drink while the spa attendant massages your feet that you can never experience in city's everyday life. Bulgaria is proud to have winter resorts such as Pirin, Tryavna, Troyan, Gabrovo, and Teteven. These are the same resorts that have been sheltering guests from different places during the cold season of the country. They have been established in the latter part of 19th century and still accommodating guests as it constantly improve its quality and services.