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Russia Travel Guide

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the tourism industry in Russia is now rapidly gaining its popularity. Tourists all over the world may now explore the different tourist attractions in Russia that portrays their ancient yet exciting culture very well. Most of the tourist attractions are located in St. Petesburg and Moscow. Both of these cities are rich in attractive sites such as the St. Basil's cathedral, the famous Kremlin, the Red Square, the State Hermitage Museum and the two apostles Peter and Paul Cathedral. By looking at these popular tourist attractions, you can see how rich their cultural heritage is and how colourful is the history of Russia.

Russia has a varied weather condition depending on the location of the country. On the central and northern Russia is where you could experience the mildest weather, especially on the Baltic Coast. During winter, one must wear a thick clothing because this season can be very cold although the sun is out for at least nine hours a day. The southern part of Russia experiences winter as well. However, it is not as long as the winter season in the north and it is not as cold either. Siberia has the coldest winter in all parts of Russia. It has a summer but it tends to be wet and short.

St. Petesburg is known as the Imperial Crown of Russia. This is where most of the stunning archaeological sites of the country are located. The main attraction of St. Petesburg is the Orthodox Church called Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood. Sometimes, it is called by the locals as the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ or the Church on Spilt Blood. The architectural style of the said attraction is more of a medieval Russian than the typical Neoclassic or Baroque as seen in the rest of the architectures in St. Petesburg. This area of Russia is also known as the Venice of the North. It has waterways and canals in the river of Neva that resembles the look of the Venice's tourist attraction. At the outskirts of St. Petesburg, is where the Summer Palace is situated. Moreover, St. Petesburg also boasts the State Russian Museum, where one can find the most of the Russian art.

Moscow, on the other hand, is the heart of Russia. The most popular landmark of Russia is here in Moscow - the Kremlins. Kremlin is a Russian word for castles. There are different citadels here in Russia but the Moscow Kremlin is the only one considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It has four cathedrals, four palaces and Kremlin walls and towers. The famous city in Moscow is known as the Red Square. It is also a World Heritage Site recognized by the UNESCO. The Red Square is a city square that divides the Kremlin and the gated town called Kitay-gorod. The history of the Red Square is best seen in the paintings and artworks made by Konstantin Yuon and Vasily Surikov.