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Mongolia Travel Guide

Mongolia, located in the center of Asia, is cradled between the tiger country China, and the western power Russia. Traveling in the country can be equated to a quest of unleashing the antiquity of Asia, along with the unique freedom against the forces of modernity and globalization. Those who are fit to travel in its desert lands and astounding mountainous areas are those who would like to get away from the busy metropolitan life, not to mention those who are on for a soul-searching and nature-exploring venture.

The preserved lifestyle in Mongolia
Mongolia boasts of an unchanged ancient nomadic lifestyle. Such way of living has not changed over the years and, it remains unaffected by the modernity that is fast embracing the whole of Asia, and the whole world. The country seems to be an untouched sacred area, where you can escape the city noise and you can welcome wide spaces, fresh air and a setting, which defines the meaning of real peace. The country is full of nomadic families that welcome their guests with warm hospitality and friendly smiles. Mongolian locals are deemed by travelers as unknown acquaintances, posted in felt tents, awaiting possible guests, and offering them with whatever they can offer such as food, clothing, shelter, or just a short friendly talk and time together.

What you can do in Mongolia
Travelers in Mongolia should not expect an active city life adventure for there really is none. Wine and beer have been displaced by fine vodka and fermented mare's milk in Mongolia. Since the country has a preserved ancient type of culture and tradition, it is also matched with an ancient setting field with mountain sceneries and desert-like features. As such, travelers can expect a lot of Horse riding, Camel riding, and Yak riding so as to allow an adventurous quest towards the country's terrains. Aside from the "cowboy-like" riding adventure, travelers can also expect to have a good time fishing and hunting in the land's virgin places and few waters. Since it generally serves as the link between Siberia and Central Asia, Mongolia serves its guests with a variety of an abundant set of common flora and fauna in one region, and the unique species from the deserts in another. Most areas are abundant with rare animals, birds, fish and plants while the desert-like region also teems with wild and undiscovered wild flowers and medicinal plants.

Mongolia's best offers
If the awe-inspiring mountain sceneries, the wild eastern adventure, and the warm and friendly smiles of its locals are not enough to entice some picky travelers, Mongolia still has left its aces unveiled. Aside from the ancient nomadic lifestyle and culture, Mongolia boasts of rich religious practices and arts. The country offers an odd combination of a Tibetan tradition mixed with Tantric Buddhism, but spiced with some elements of the early Shamanism practices of the traditional Mongolian locals. As such, the arts comprising such religious combinations have enthralled not just travelers but those who are very much interested in societal and religious transformations. The wide range of Mongolian artifacts now range from Buddhist monasteries and old time shamanism pieces.