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China is one of the most popular countries in the world today. This is not surprising due to the fact that for a long time China has chosen to close its doors off from the public eye of the world. For years and years China has chosen not to mingle with the world outside, in order to preserve their sense of self and culture. When it comes to its population, China is not one to fall back because it is one of the most populated areas in the world. In fact it is the number one most populated country in the planet, with its mind blowing more than one billion inhabitants.

The largest and most thriving city is Shanghai, with its perennial lights and oriental allure famous all over the world.

China may be one of the most populated countries, but it is also one of the richest and probably the most popular as of late. This marvelous oriental country has a lot of things to brag about, and it is not just their monetary wealth. China has a lot of rich resources, and in Shanghai alone there are seven beautiful beaches, a globe popular wine brewery, a magnificent collection of European inspired buildings and the world famous Olympic Center. Imagine visiting a city that is that jam packed with sights and sceneries! One will surely not get bored with Shanghai.

Another gem of China is the country side of Qingdao, which also has a lot of popular and world famous sights. The Pier of Zhangiao is the widely known and considered key trademarks of this coastal city. People of both native and foreign ethnicities adore walking here with their love ones or solo flight. The bay is peaceful and really helps one in reflecting. If you are in need of leisure and relaxation, then Qingdao is the place for you. Beer drinking and eating the fresh seafood (better if it is caught locally) is the ideal vacation for those who need to unwind. The sea is almost always calm and inviting, not at all dangerous to those who are careful. The coastal city of Qingdao is not only attractive but is also very pleasant to live in and experience life, be carefree, enjoy the wind, as much as you want. Live in happy abandon and swim all day in the sea, or play along on the sand. Long ago Qingdao may have been just a city that is rich with European inspired architecture, but now it is standing on its own legs and is showing everyone how great it is. Have not experienced or tried boating? Well now is the chance to try it in this magnificent place, and see how great it is to control the boat against the powerful tides.

Live your life with as much pleasure that you can reap from it! Do not let yourself live in a place and situation where you only hear about magnificent things. Travel to China now and discover how great it is!

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